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Because each client is unique, we adapt our methods to each situation

Pragmatism and intellectual honesty are the foundations of our work, which we want to orient towards the end of preconceived ideas.  To question the existing situation in order to find feasible and creative solutions, while respecting the ethical codes of our professions.  The transparency of our actions is the guarantee of a reliable and controlled accompaniment of our customers. We operate in a fragile and competitive Ecosystem, and what differentiates us from our peers is the focus on our clients’ interests, a disruptive service offering and the alignment between our promises, our achievements and our deliverables.

Our values

We apply these requirements to ourselves first and foremost. An unwavering commitment to exceptional work! An exceptional collaboration allowing trust and mutual respect based on empathy, because what we do is above all a human adventure.

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Our projects

Transformation mission

As part of the strategic repositioning of its value proposition, our client entrusted VIRTUAL BEEHIVE with the review of its service offering, in particular the rewriting of its PMAR chain, from the data model to the publishing of deliverables. In this context we have piloted :

– An audit and review of the PMAR (Performance Measurement, Attribution and Reporting) chain, both in terms of operator modes and urbanization, including human capital management,
– The definition of the scheme,
– Rewriting of the PMAR chain (DataManagmenent, Controls, Workflow, Restitution, …),
– Urbanization,
– Operating procedures & Documentation,
– The implementation of the continuous improvement plan,
– Transformation project management, governance, comitology, training, …
– Conducting calls for tenders (RFI / RFP), assistance in selection and implementation (POC / Pilot),
– Transition Management.

Management of the implementation of a FO to BO tool

Piloting the deployment of a "Front Office to Back Office" software for a Geneva-based Wealth Manager.

Application scope covered:

– The CRM
– The PMS
– Compliance
– The accounting BO.

In this context we have taken responsibility for the following elements:

– Recommendations and strong expertise in the migration of the infrastructure,
– Review of IT urbanization,
– Documentation of business processes (procedures, application and process mapping, RACI),
– Standard procedure proposed and adapted to the customer’s context,
– Alignment of business/ID/IS/ESG requirements with the Target schema,
– Workshop facilitation, Comitology
– Vertical/horizontal coordination and communication,
– Management of schedules.

Middle Office / Fund Admin support mission

Within the framework of a change of custodian-valuator, our client entrusted VIRTUAL BEEHIVE with the review of procedures, the PRIIPS project, the migration as well as various subjects related to operations. In this context we have piloted :

Tracking of untested transactions with a FULL flow as a Target (Test Prod / Trade Tracking VMOB and FX),

– Closing of Accounts,
– Process review,
– Migration Fund Structuring,
– Review of MO procedures and documentation,
– Transition Manager MO,
– The Olis Right project,
– The Kondor project.
– Transformation project management, governance and comitology.