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VIRTUAL BEEHIVE is a managerial and organizational consulting company specialized in a high range of sectors, in particular in the financial industry. Our mission is to support you in your businesses and organisations. Founded in 2016, VIRTUAL BEEHIVE provides support to all players in the banking, insurance, financial and industrial sectors.

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Our journey began in 2016, when David LAUP, an expert in performance and risk assessment, founded VIRTUAL BEEHIVE, a company seeking to distance itself from the all-too-common preconceptions and ideas of a one-dimensional and standardised market. His objective was to combine the latest techniques and technologies with the best market practices and his tailor-made know-how that established his reputation for conducting successful and high-quality projects. VIRTUAL invokes Innovation and BEEHIVE, Collaboration and Excellence.
And it was precisely in 2018 that he meets the ideal conditions. He is associated with Marie LAUP, Expert in Finance & Corporate Strategy, as CAD/CAM and Frédéric AMPHONESINH, graduated with a Master’s degree in Private Law and Business from the National School of Procedure and an Entrepreneurial Master from EM Grenoble, as Global Partnership Director.This association allows the firm to begin its first major development by opening its expertise through a sector prism and a functional prism.
Our DNA is based mainly on the principle of Excellence and on natural symmetry; the achievement of tangible and measurable results for our clients and the development of our staff. We share our clients’ challenges and build tailor-made, creative and innovative solutions with them. The word “Consultant” is meaningful only if it leads to feasible decisions and tangible, carefully thought-out and tested actions. And since pleasure should be shared, our perception of collaboration is above all that of a common human adventure. We recruit the best talents and provide them with a personalised training programme. Our ambition is reinforced by our extensive expertise in transformation strategy, the pertinence of our recommendations and the high quality of our services. And because all of our clients are equally valuable to us, we adapt to the needs of everyone, from Tier 3 to Tier 1, by building solutions for the future together.

Our services

Virtual Beehive offers its clients and partners, a high-quality expertise in the entirety of corporate activities and in most economic sectors.
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We put in place specialized units for each sector of activity, carefully develop each of them and adapt our offer to the needs of our clients, taking care to build bridges and intellectual synergies between our consultants. For all these reasons we really do stand out from our competitors! Knowledge is a gift and must be shared generously. We make this commitment in advance of each stage and during our work with the sole aim of proposing tailor-made solutions. Thus we rely on a matrix vision composed of both a multi-sector and a functional dimension. Our only objective is the satisfaction of our clients through quality work and peerless commitment.


This is the original core business of our firm. VIRTUAL BEEHIVE is a recognized player and present throughout the sector, from banking to insurance and the capital markets. We support corporate, retail and investment banks, insurers, wealth and asset management companies, asset servicers, private banks and many others.

The sector is relatively complex as it involves interactions between a large number of heterogeneous entities. It is also known for its conservatism, exposure to risks and constraints such as a possible rise in rates, the financial health of institutions, regulatory developments, economic policies, geopolitics, taxation, demographics, etc. But these multiple uncertainties are not the main aspects driving the need for adaptation and change. The real danger is twofold:

The first is the reduction of operating margins, which concerns all players. The increase in internal and external charges burdening companies, coupled with a significant reduction in service yields and the price clients are willing to pay means that firms frequently find themselves between a hammer and an anvil in a rapidly evolving sector.

The second danger – and, in our view, the greatest risk – is the attitude of “wait-and-see” or even sheer conservatism. What could be more natural than doing  nothing when hesitates to dare to change? But staying put means being overtaken by new players such as FinTech, RegTech, AssurTech, etc., which, coupled with the rapid evolution of technological resources and tools, inevitably results in failure. This is where we come in, at this precise moment, at the crossroads of new technologies, new methods of consumption, research and innovation. Together we can boldly meet the challenges of Transformation by contributing our experience, our know-how and our capacity to turn hesitation and fear of change into a drive for success and achievement.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE can offer you personalised support with tailor-made projects according to your ambitions and your allocated resources, while promising you Excellence and Results in the following areas of expertise:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Strategy
  • Organisation & Change Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Transformation & Restructuring
  • Digital technology
  • Implementation
  • Operations
  • Risk, Performance & Reporting
  • Asset-liability management (ALM)

Even though IT service companies have greatly suffered following the bursting of the technology bubble in the 2000s, they are now showing robust growth rates and a return to their former glory, supported by the emergence of new technologies.  Big Data, Data Sciences, BlockChain, Disruption, etc. are all new words that have become a part of common business parlance. Not to mention the massive use of hosted IT services (Cloud) and the rapid integration of new methods of communication such as social networks, which also raise new security and transparency issues.

Nowadays, there is a real desire for interaction between new technologies, innovation and goods and services companies. We are on the verge of a major market transformation, the emergence of new applications, new transformations and new Business Models.

Four main support pillars are now under construction:

  • Technology that calls for in-depth reflection from both a strategic and management perspective
  • A profound transformation of sales forces and economic models
  • Improved risk management and Regulation
  • A radical change in habits leading to transformation projects (BPO: Business Process Outsourcing, ITO: IT Outsourcing, etc.).

While preconceived ideas considered these markets to be mature in a quasi-academic way, the emergence of the so-called “disruptive” mode – though this term is used in an excessive manner – has led to a major shift in almost all sectors, establishing new needs and creating fertile ground for creativity and innovation. Now that the technological barriers have fallen, it is very easy to identify both the changes affecting end consumers by rethinking the User Experience (UX), and the major challenges facing professionals in this sector, in particular, by revamping their offer, defining a long-term strategy, “taking the temperature” of the market and anticipating its sudden shifts and thus adapting at all times to turn every uncertainty into an opportunity.

Our in-depth knowledge of the implications for Digital Service Companies, Software Publishers, or even for all players offering IT solutions, means that we can support all technology companies on matters related to data processing, hosting, software solutions of all types and transformation or digitalisation projects on different structural levels:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Strategy & Organization
  • Transformation & Restructuring
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • CRM & Customer Service

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE contributes all of its expertise to all companies in the technology sector to meet the many strategic challenges of innovation, services, risk management and growth. We also offer a private think tank dedicated to Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Because being well supported concerns and benefits all economic players regardless of size, means or the specific sector, VIRTUAL BEEHIVE supports Production or Services companies and is committed to working with their corporate teams to meet tomorrow’s challenges and risks together. We share with our partners, clients and prospects, the desire for excellent work and a guarantee of results through numerous projects and achievements.

Whatever their ambitions, we offer our clients personalised support by bringing a wide range of skills to the table:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Strategy (Growth, Development, Research, Innovation, Market Positioning)
  • Organisation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Transformation & Restructuring
  • Digital technology
  • Information Technology
  • CRM & Customer Service


Every company aims at rapid growth, while optimising its organisation and reaching its maximum profitability capacities in terms of resources/production. The two key factors for success are:

  • Initiating a continuous improvement process
  • Finding a partner who can offer excellence, such as VIRTUAL BEEHIVE.

Our firm is your partner of choice to approach the process from both an overall and specific perspective through fundamental TPM, Lean, 6 Sigma or proprietary methods.

From Diagnosis to Transformation, including cost and skills management, we support you in your performance improvement process by focusing together on efficiency, growth, strategy and the implementation of transformation decisions.

Whether you are a Leader, Challenger, Follower, Outsider or Specialist, you pursue the same objectives: constant renewal, business model revision, business reinvention, enhanced client experience and adaptation of the ecosystem – especially for clients, partners, suppliers and, of course, staff.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE offers support in answering the question of which strategy you should adopt to coordinate the stakes and challenges and draw up an ambitious “Strategic Roadmap.”

At VIRTUAL BEEHIVE, we believe that sharing our Expertise, Skills, Values and Experiences with our clients ensures the total success of our partnership, with assignments completed to the most stringent standards.We opt first of all for ta reflection / study regarding the creation of value, market shares, the broader offer, financial models and a mapping of skills and expectations. During a second stage, the results are examined from a regulatory and Best Practices standpoint, followed by a third stage that includes the production of a creative optimisation model, the key factors for success and cost management to define a specific, multidimensional, achievable, measurable and very high added value strategy.

All this hard work results in an action plan and organisation, transformation and development projects that produce tangible results.

Decision-making, as an essential part of a senior manager’s life, is balanced between strategy and organisation. Strategy and its underlying aspects are the starting point for all reflection and VIRTUAL BEEHIVE is committed to this approach together with its clients.

In order to implement an action plan that will make it possible to achieve the established goals, companies rely on their organisation, which they optimise and transform over the course of the company’s lifetime. VIRTUAL BEEHIVE supports its clients at every stage. We meet every player and immerse ourselves in their activities to gain an understanding of the organisation as a whole. One of the critical conditions for success we have identified is to establish a relationship of trust, which is vital for making an accurate diagnosis, from initial preparation to final analysis, through data collection.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE uses the latest techniques and tools to support you in improving the management of your organisation. And since each solution entails changes, we support you in your transformation, change management and communication projects. Identify, Communicate, Measure, Convince and Help are our watchwords.

We respond to the requirements of traditional organisations and also new, more liberated and innovative models as we support you on your path to Excellence.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE is a “facilitator” of paradigm shifts!

Economic instability, increased regulation, internationalisation, new technologies and new consumption patterns are all factors that make the management and financial steering of companies more complex.

As a general rule, when a Startup or VSB is created, these companies do not have sufficient means and resources to deal with such aspects without stress.  If neglected, these aspects become real obstacles once the company begins to meet its Growth aspirations. We offer you the opportunity to pool resources through our turnkey outsourcing service, incorporating all areas of a Finance Department while relieving you of the cost burden. The goal is to access a full service of Excellence – but with a controlled budget.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE and its teams also support all companies, whether or not they have a Finance and Administration Department, in their transformation and financial and operational optimisation initiatives. Through our service offer, we provide a methodology suited to every business of any size, operating in any sector. We support our clients in the implementation of financial management models such as dashboards, cash planning, factoring, cash flow forecasting and management, cash flow optimisation and in performance enhancement and monitoring.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE also supports you in building relationships with your suppliers, from budgets to Business Plans, but also through your external growth projects (M&A, Private Equity), accounting optimisation and the efficiency of operational models in order to guarantee profitability management, cost analysis and internal control optimisation.

Companies are confronted by the constant need for change. On the one hand, markets and therefore expectations and needs change at a frantic pace and, on the other, resources and technologies offer the means to reshuffle the cards. New players and competitors are emerging, new offers are available – disruptive or not. It is therefore imperative for each company to evolve and adapt by modernising their processes, methods and operations.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE offers support to its clients in all transformation projects. Challenge and modernisation are based on technological and human factors and are essential components for continuous change.

Instinctively, people tend to think of “change” in terms of development priorities – but the whole chain and organisation must be kept under constant review. Our experts support you at every stage of your projects, from diagnosis to governance, through resource and process mapping, change management and communication.

We make our expertise available to company managers by giving them access to a set of levers for improvement. We support each department in coping with a series of problems that must be identified, followed by the sequencing and implementation of the necessary changes and actions to create value over time. We split our actions into two phases, the first known as mobilisation and the second, deployment, by combining our skills on improving performance, strategy or organisation.

At VIRTUAL BEEHIVE, we work hand in hand with our clients to obtain the best results and offer customized and tailor-made Excellence solutions.

Depending on the nature of the business, its culture and its human component, the integration of Digital technology at each stage of the value chain can be perceived as an opportunity and a strength but also as a constraint and weakness.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE supports its clients in achieving the objectives they have set for themselves through their strategy. In order to enhance the “User Xperience,” we provide you with our best experts. Digital technology has revolutionised consumption patterns, changed habits and redefined service standards. Disruption, Uberisation, etc., are all superlatives for describing this new paradigm.

The revolution redefines the way societies and organisations operate based on information and data processing. The key issue is investing in new technologies to achieve multiple objectives, for example customer relations, developing Front to Back collaboration, improving customer communication, providing new tools, digital marketing, etc.

Behind these concepts are the issues of profitability, flexibility and operational capabilities in an already highly competitive market. Robots, artificial intelligence, cyber security and Machine Learning, the emergence of platforms, etc. are all aspects that can be real strengths but which can also, if undervalued and neglected, become real obstacles and make the market permeable to new players such as FinTech, RegTech, AssurTech but also more generalist players such as GAFAMs.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE supports you in confronting the digital challenge, depending on whether you wish to be a pioneer, a “wait-and-seer” or a disruptor in order to implement scalable, creative and innovative solutions.

The advent of Technology is exposing companies and their Information Systems Department to new challenges. Better informed end consumers have access to new services and streamlined applications that complement standard solutions and generate a multitude of deployments, upgrades, infrastructure redefinition in each organisation etc. with the sole aim of improving productivity.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE can set up scalable human resources systems combining business knowledge, methodology and IT skills to deliver results and work with you at all times and at all stages.

Our teams can support you in implementing your projects (upgrading software packages or deploying new systems) within your organisations in response to business changes and coordinate the departments involved for improved responsiveness, operational and IT robustness, agility and efficiency.

The concept of Communication is multifaceted according to the sectors involved and the ideas you seek to convey. In the Capital Market, one of the essential components is the concept of Reporting.

It originates from 1. the obligations imposed by the various supervisory bodies, whether national, European or international 2. increasingly rapid and comprehensive customer requests 3. Increased competition 4. numerous and inexpensive technological means and, finally, 5. increasingly complex instruments and products.

All of this requires that the various players – regardless of the size of the business – perform a balancing act between data management, enrichment, calculation, retrieval, know-how, resources and the associated budgets and costs.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE offers support each step of the way – for the whole chain or at a particular link, offering tailor-made solutions, according to your needs and your resources. We provide the very best experts in terms of methodology, performance or risk calculations, technologies and software and customer services.

We also offer a turnkey solution based on our own systems and resources, either for Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), regardless of your size or your volumes, in a secure, personalised and segregated environment. Confidence and Excellence are our watchwords.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE can support you in auditing your processes and methodologies and in precise mapping. We can also help with coordination and relationships with your solutions, data or other suppliers.

Because this functional aspect is our core business, we can offer support for specific reporting options, such as Solvency 2, Ampere format, CSR, PRIIPS, etc. or simply through your performance attribution in Equities, Fixed Income, Balanced, Mutual Funds and your GIPS certification.

Asset and Liability Management (ALM) has taken off over the past decade in the financial departments of banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

ALM makes it possible to assess and maintain a balance between resources and uses from the standpoint of risks, profitability and regulatory change.

The cornerstones of ALM are the modelling of behaviours and their integration with calculation/Reporting tools that should make it possible to manage the following areas:

  • liquidity risk;
  • interest rate risk;
  • FX risk.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE has recruited specialists mastering both the operational and project-focused aspects (implementation of software packages, regulations, operational adjustments in the context of external growth, for example).

Compliance and regulation are two closely-related concepts to ensure the day-to-day management of companies in various business sectors (finance, luxury, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Given the increase in the promulgation of regulatory standards and constraints, the compliance function has become increasingly important and must protect financial institutions from any risk of non-compliance of their transactions, for example.

The recent financial crises (Subprime, Kerviel, Madoff) have contributed to the establishment of alert and robust compliance teams to enforce the resulting regulations.

As a result, compliance ensures that standards, regulations and conventions applicable to the company are met by all operational staff.

The severity of the penalties (criminal, financial, reputational) for failure to comply with applicable regulations explains the important role that compliance functions now play and will continue to play in the future.

VIRTUAL BEEHIVE can support its clients in their numerous regulatory and compliance issues, particularly within compliance, legal or ethical functions.

Support assignments include a broad spectrum of interventions, ranging from assistance in implementing new rules (GDPR, MIFID II, etc.), new monitoring tools and operational and organisational transformation to conducting compliance audits.

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Data Science is the discipline that mixes data inference, technology and algorithms. From data collection to visualization, through preparation, management, analysis and integration, this science has as its main objective to offer a set of solutions to complex problems by creating exploitable value.

A real crossroads between mathematics and computer science, it stimulates research in various fields such as physics, biology, meteorology, medicine, health, social sciences, behavioral analysis and of course finance.

Data Science helps you to value your data and VIRTUAL BEEHIVE supports you through your projects.

Our Data consultants and experts are at your service and benefit from a dual competence: IT & Business.

They are able to support you effectively to find solutions adapted to your projects and constraints.

At the heart of data recovery, they understand the issues and strategic issues of the company and implement algorithms that meet them. Our Data Scientists demonstrate ingenuity, creativity and daring to materialize and conceptualize data processing schemes and the intelligent use of algorithms. They are the isobarycentre of your projects and your problems.

Our offer is available through:

  • Advice and development
  • Open Data
  • Small, Big & Smart Data
  • Research
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Organization and structuring of Data repositories
  • Implementation of integration workflows, valuation, analysis and restitution
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Data Mining …

The commonly used tools (non-exhaustive list) by our teams are acknowledged and proven tools of place, with a high level of expertise and knowledge such as:

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Our story


Our values


Our ambition is to meet our clients’ requirements through a qualitative approach, high levels of involvement and a drive for excellence that give meaning to our collaboration. Our global approach is at the heart of our philosophy, based on an authentic culture, a differentiating strategy and a values system.

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Because each Client is Unique, we adapt our methods to each situation. Pragmatism and intellectual honesty are the cornerstones of our work. Our priority is to challenge preconceived ideas and the existing order, by identifying solutions of Excellence that are both achievable and creative, in strict compliance with the ethical codes of our professions and with transparency in our actions as we support our clients in deploying their transformation strategy.

These requirements are first and foremost applied to ourselves. Peerless commitment to exceptional work! Exceptional collaboration that generates trust and mutual respect based on empathy, because what we do is, above all, a human adventure. We operate in a fragile ecosystem and we stand out from our competitors because we focus on individuals in the development of team spirit. This requires being a good listener with solid expertise for a proper understanding of the challenges, creativity in innovation and the courage to make essential changes.

Bee Life ® Program


The French Higher Council for the Social and Solidarity Economy states that social impact consists of all of the consequences of an organization’s activities on both the direct or indirect external and internal stakeholders in its territory, as well as on society in general. At VIRTUAL BEEHIVE, we aim to express our constant values through consistent actions and responsible behaviour. We do not believe that public demonstrations or declarations of commitment are necessary in order to give to others, to protect what we cherish and to improve what already exists.

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The entire VIRTUAL BEEHIVE team is delighted to support all our clients in their projects and to contribute to the creation of value. And because it all starts with human relationships, we bring with us the values that make up our DNA at each step. This word has different connotations – depending on whether it is viewed through a social or an economic prism – but it carries with it unfathomable and unlimited value, Opening up the field of interpretation. Not only does it convey a sense of openness and determination, but it also imposes a special kind of respect, solidarity or compassion, with varying intensity.

Our commitment is based on three priorities:

  • The first priority consists in collaborating with as many Third Parties as possible as part of a truly socially responsible policy and acting in strict compliance with ethical codes in order to evolve in an ecosystem with a shared system of common values.
  • The second consists of incorporating pertinent criteria in our recruitment process to foster, both in individual staff members and in the firm overall, a spirit of commitment and involvement, ensuring the successful implementation of the BEE LIFE programme and the reinforcement of our corporate culture and our values.
  • The third and final priority is to support partnerships with social enterprises in innovative, large-scale projects aimed at the successful implementation of missions/actions for protecting the planet, in particular bees, the well-being of children and their education, and finally, providing support for populations affected by disruptive exogenous events.

We are currently commencing a review process to select the social associations we will support for the next two years. For more information about the BEE LIFE Programme or to apply as a social association, please contact David LAUP via the “Contact” shortcut.

Our team


David LAUP

Founder – Chief Executive Officer

Marie LAUP

Founder – Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Frédéric Amphonesinh

Partner – Global Partnership Director

Why not YOU ?



We at VIRTUAL BEEHIVE strive for excellence and believe in providing the best customized training program taking care of the four elements of learning, Motivation, Reinforcement, Retention and Transference with utmost satisfaction.

Asset Management

Introducing the principles of asset management, present the different approaches and different management, …

Islamic finance, ethical finance

We will first introduce ethical finance, then we will introduce the principles of Islamic finance. We will analyze the evolution of this finance through its history, since its rebirth in the years 1960/1970 to the present day…







David LAUP

I conceived of VIRTUAL BEEHIVE as an essential partner, providing exceptional services and firmly oriented towards human relationships. We believe that our profession is a force for good and that it has a positive influence in our clients’ success.

Marie LAUP

A philosophy of listening, understanding and support. We dedicate all our skills and expertise to serving our clients and their projects.


VIRTUAL BEEHIVE is convinced that we must have a committed and dynamic approach based on 5 fundamentals: Quality, Responsibility, Ethics, Pragmatism and Conviction.

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France is planning to evacuate its citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan. European stocks fall sharply as China virus fears intensify, Stoxx 600 down 1.4%…








CA signed in 2020




Transfer of historical data from an accounting system to a new Target accounting system.

Project Information Technology Outsourcing:

Implementation of Third-Party Application Maintenance (TMA).


Assistance in the production of Risk/Performance and Reporting indicators.


Implementation of Finance Department processes and Financial Steering tools.

Answer 01

– Strategy
– Mapping
– Mapping and Testing
– Delivery

Answer 02

– Needs review
– Business Case
– Framework and Agreement
– Delivery On-Demand

Answer 03

– Review and Familiarisation
– Analysis and Mapping
– Process Revision
– Steering, Monitoring and Delivery

Answer 04

– Review and Mapping
– Process and Organisation
– Steering and Dashboard
– Action Plan, Delivery and Handover




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